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Can I get my own custom shape made for a longboard?2019-02-07T19:32:16-08:00

Yes please send us a email with your shape design.  There is a $150 dollar setup fee with a 50 deck minimum.  If you can’t afford the setup and you are not looking to buy 50 longboards then submit the shape and give us approval to add the shape to the site for everyone to purchase.

How many Veneer ply’s do I need?2019-02-07T19:33:25-08:00

The more ply’s you add to your custom longboard the stiffer it will be.  If you are heavy and need more support think about getting a 8 or 9 ply.

What graphic format do I need to upload and buy my custom longboard?2019-02-07T19:35:14-08:00

Email your graphics to contact@customlongboard.com if you are concerned about your graphic quality.  We take all format types and use high resolution digital printing to reproduce your graphics.

How much is shipping?2019-02-07T19:36:13-08:00

Add the products you are looking to purchase to the shopping cart.  You will have a chance to get a shipping price / quote at the shopping cart page.

Can I get just one custom longboard?2019-02-07T19:37:05-08:00

Yes we are experts at printing single one off longboard decks with your graphics.

Can I pay with PayPal?2019-02-07T19:38:11-08:00

Yes you can pay with paypal or any major credit card brands.